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September 02, 2021 6 min read

Italy is the world’s largest wine producer. Italy hits the top travel destinations with everything from culture, best food & wine. The best way to discover Italian wines is to drive through all the beautiful wineries. Italy has the widest range of grape varieties in the world. Discover a selection of Italian wines at Avanti Wines.


Italy is the Birthplace Of Prosecco. Over the last few years, Prosecco has become a cheaper alternative to Champagne and has become very popular in the UK. The British have associated this drink as a Summer drink and a drikn hat is used to mark celebrations. We have sourced a hidden gem winery - Bellussi that produces a selection of Proseccos. Our favourite and a must try is:


A sparkling white wine obtained from the Glera grape using the Charmat method in autoclave. This spumante is the epitome of Prosecco, where the harmony of its elegant body is accompanied by a delicate bouquet. The freshness and fragrance of this wine, together with a persistent pelage, make it ideal for any occasion. Food Pairing: Great as an aperitif and goes well with light dishes such as salads and cheese.

Sparkling Wine Prosecco Superiore-Bellussi-Italy-Valdobbiadene-Avanti Wines Ltd


We also have found a value for money quality Prosecco from Villa Cornaro. Straw-yellow in colour with greenish tinges, this wine is marvellously floral on the nose, with distinct fruity nuances of apple and white peach also present. Fresh, clean flavour, with a perfect balance between the acidulous and sugary elements. Persistent on the palate with a soft, mouth filling perlage. Food Pairing: Superb when served before any meal as an aperitif, for better valuing the delicate, mouth filling aroma of its persisting bubbles. Well worth trying with shellfish, raw fish courses and seafood risottos. 

Sparkling Wine Prosecco, Villa Cornaro, Italy - Veneto - Avanti Wines Ltd


Red wines are generally enjoyed with a meal by the British, we have carefully selected a variety of Italian red wines from all over Italy so that the British can have a taste of Italy with our doorstep wine delivery service. Some of our favourites and a must try are below:


Intense ruby red colour. The nose reveals notes of red fruits and a slight spiciness. The mouth is full-bodied, structured, and good persistence.

Food Pairing: An ideal food wine and it is suited to second courses with red meats, roasts, and medium-aged cheeses.

Red Wine Merlot, Matteo Braidot, Italy - Friuli - Avanti Wines Ltd


One of our favourites is this Amarone from a beautiful winery – Le Tobele. Bursting of flavours Amarone is one of the well-known wines of Italy. This Amarone wine is intense, with aromas of spicy plum, cherry & a hint of raspberry. On the month, it is velvety, full bodied with a slight aromatic lingering aftertaste.

Food pairing: Excellent with most red meats, game and hard texture mature cheeses.

Red Wine Amarone della Valpolicella, Le Tobele, Italy - Veneto - Avanti Wines Ltd


Barolo also known as the King of Italian wine. Barolo enchants for its elegance and pleasantness, with spiced and velvety aromas which are really captivating for the nose and palate and that leave a long gustatory persistence. Scents of violet, “goudron” and truffle can be perceived. On the palate full-bodied, classic, structured wine. The noble tannins characteristic of this wine improve after some years of refinement in the bottle.

Food Pairing: This wine finds its match with meat and game dishes, like the brasato al Barolo (braised beef with Barolo), venison and wild boar. Otherwise, it can be tasted with dishes enriched with white truffle, like the cardoon flan with fondue and duck ravioli.

Red Wine Barolo DOCG-Marco Bonfante-Italy-Piedmont-Avanti Wines Ltd

This quintessential Italian Red, is traditional and elegant. A great 4.3 star rating on Vivino. The Brunello wine contains the classic characteristics & is a special wine from Tuscany.

Food Pairing:
 Goes very well with Red meats like beef, lamb game & poultry.

Red Wine Brunello Di Montalcino-Belpoggio-Italy-Tuscany-Avanti Wines Ltd

A great wine to try is from the indigenous Aglianico grape. The Taurasi shows the bold characters of this grape. It has full, intense bouquet of blackberry, plum, cherry, with intense cacao and coffee notes. Coming straight from Campania region of Italy, one of the best red wine out there.

Food Pairing: Pasta with full body sauces, steak, game (wild, deer, boar, etc.) and long aging cheese. 

Red wine Taurasi-Italy-Campania-Avanti Wines Ltd


Intense red colour, the nose reveals notes of vanilla mixed with wild berries. In the mouth, the cabernet sauvignon wine proves spicy and with a good structure.

Food Pairing: It goes very well with game, red meats and aged cheeses.
Perfect for everyday drinking at home: buy Italian wine online

Red Wine Cabernet Sauvignon, Matteo Braidot, Italy - Friuli - Avanti Wines Ltd


Lastly we have this value for money Italian red wine. Made from the Montepulciano grapes this wine is Markedly spicy on the nose with a slight chocolaty edge; the bouquet presents a pleasant scent of plum and ripe cherry. Just the right note of acidity and well-balanced body are the distinct characteristic of a Montepulciano wine.

Food Pairing: Goes well with red meat, beef stews, aged cold cuts platters and well-matured cheese.

Red Wine Montepulciano, Villa Cornaro, Italy - Veneto - Avanti Wines Ltd


Italian white wine has have become famous in the years with more than 350 native varieties growing throughout 20 wine regions. We have chosen the famous types of white wines from all over Italy. Our online wine shop has wines for every palate!
We will start by introducing the famous Gavi di Gavi. We have sourced a refreshing Gavi di Gavi from Marco Bonfante winery.
It shows a clear straw yellow colour and has a fine bouquet, it is pleasantly fresh, with scents of citrus fruits, white flowers and fruit. On the palate it is delicate, dry, with a very good balance between acidity and minerality. It has a very good structure and a good persistence with a fine bitter almond aftertaste.

Food Pairing: Perfect as aperitif, it matches very good with fresh starters. Highly recommended with fish specialities, like spaghetti with sea food, sea-bass and sea bream in salt crust. 

White Wine Gavi Di Gavi-Marco Bonfante-Italy-Piedmont-Avanti Wines Ltd


Friuli is best known for white wine, which is of high quality in this area. Generally, white wines have a fresh scent; they taste of dry fruit, with a soft texture and a unique personality. The one we have sourced is from Matteo Braidot; Straw yellow colour with green glints. The nose reveals notes of grapefruit with slight fragrance of elderberry and green pepper. It is fresh, very savoury, with a long persistence in the mouth.

Food Pairing: An ideal aperitif. It matches perfectly with asparagus “risotto” and fish dish mostly.

White Wine Sauvignon Blanc, Matteo Braidot, Italy - Friuli - Avanti Wines Ltd


Another great wine to try are the ones from Campania region. They have several white grape varieties and all very different and special in their own way.
Try the flavours of the Greco grape in this wine. Offers fruity flavours of pear, apricot, pineapple and citrus. On the palate its smooth, elegant and structured, with good freshness and a great persistence that confirms and amplifies the olfactory sensations.
Food Pairing: Perfect with all seafood, pasta with light sauces, white meats and herb cheeses.

White Wine Greco di Tufo-Donnachiara-Italy-Campania-Avanti Wines Ltd


Another great white wine from the region of Campania is Falanghina. Straw yellow colour with Intense fruit and floral notes of acacia and kaiser pear, apricot and candied citrus. On the palate dry, soft with a great acid structure and a long lasting finish

Food Pairing: Pasta with light sauces, seafood and fresh cheese

White Wine Falanghina-Donnachiara-Italy-Campania-Avanti Wines Ltd

A very easy drinking Italian white wine option would be Pinot Grigio. Straw-yellow in colour with a stylish, pleasantly-fruity bouquet and a well-orchestrated flavour reminiscent of apple and peach, offset by a superbly-balanced acidulous aftertaste. Gently mineral, this Pinot Grigio reveals unique character, medium body and wide-spectrum texture.

Food Pairing: It perfectly matches with fresh vegetables, light soups, egg-based courses and sea-food. Ideal partner of shellfish, due to its superbly balanced acidulous aftertaste.

Pinot Grigio
We have plenty of Italian wines for you to order online. We are offering free wine delivery to your doorstep on orders of 6 bottles and above so browse our wines online today and discover a selection of our Italian wines! Order and buy Italian wine online uk.

Amy O'Connell
Amy O'Connell

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